Second Offense Cases

On the weekends, during holidays, during the Mardi Gras period, and during the summer months, Galveston County area law enforcement officers are on the look-out for, not only drunk drivers, but people they “suspect” of drunk driving. This results in a number of unnecessary and unwarranted arrests, a number of DWI 2s, and leads to many plea bargains on cases that could have fought to dismissal.

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2nd Time DWI Offenses & Texas Law

Criminal Penalties for 2nd Offenses

When a person is arrested for drunk driving a second time the stakes are raised. If convicted, penalties under Class A Misdemeanor guidelines will apply. These penalties include a fine of up to 4000.00, county jail time ranging from 30 days to 1 years, and the dreaded Texas Driver License suspension period which lasts for up to two years.

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I’m Amber Spurlock, Galveston DWI Defender

If you’re arrested for DWI in Galveston County, especially on a second offense, you’ll need experienced legal representation. I can help you. Fighting 2nd-offense DWI charges is very important because if you’re arrested for DWI a 3rd time, you’ll be classified as a felon.

Even though the offer made to you by prosecutors may seem favorable, you don’t need a criminal record, and you certainly don’t need to be sentenced to prison for being caught with a beer in your vehicle in the future.

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Attorney Amber Spurlock