Get to know Atty. Spurlock

Amber R. Spurlock, a proud Galveston, TX native, looks forward to serving her community in more ways than one. Aside from being active in the community of the island, she has also served her community and country by way of service in the United States Armed Forces, and continues to do so as a criminal defense attorney focused on helping Texans fight allegations of drunk driving.

A Complete Professional

Although Atty. Amber R. Spurlock is an accomplished Galveston DWI & DUI defense lawyer who’s very involved in continuing her education as a DWI attorney, she’s also instrumental in helping & teaching other attorneys. This dedication to craft sets her apart as a complete counselor, leader, & legal professional, as opposed to being a traditional “career DWI lawyer”.

My Education & Training


  • South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas
    • Juris Doctor – 2007
  • University of Florida, Online Distance Education, Gainesville, Florida
    • Major: Forensic Toxicology
    • Master of Science (current student)
  • Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
    • Major: Communications/Marketing
    • Master of Arts – May, 2002
  • Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas
    • Major: Communications
    • Bachelor of Arts – 1999

More About My Training

Attorney Amber Spurlock continues her educational efforts in her pursuit of being the best DWI defense lawyer she can be.

Currently enrolled in a distance learning program of University of Florida, Ms. Spurlock is also a member and student of a number of other organizations dedicated to making better law professionals.

She’s a member of the National College for DUI Defense, an organization that’s dedicated to improving the DUI defense bar, nationally.

Attorney Spurlock has also earned credentials as an ACS/CHAL Lawyer-Scientist, a distinction granted by the American Chemical Society indicating advanced knowledge of Gas Chromatography techniques & examination.

Teaching & Instruction

Lectures & Speaking Engagements

Conference NameName of LectureDate
GCCDLA Monthly CLE LuncheonBlood Discovery Basics2013
Stuart KinardCross Examination of the Blood Draw Nurse2014
Lone Star DWI: Blood 101Trial Recap: Felony DWI with Blood Evidence2014
GCCLA Monthly CLE LuncheonHow to Subpoena & Understand Mobile Data Terminal Records2014
DWI: The FutureBlood Test Discovery: Using It To Win Your Blood Test Trial2014
Stuart KinardStrategies on How to Win a DWI Blood Case2015
Pure Science: Blood & Breath TestingCross Examination of the Forensic Scientist2015

Military Service

My Military Service

Attorney Amber Spurlock served the United States with pride as a member of the United States Armed Forces. She was present during the Iraq conflict where she worked with Military Intelligence for the purpose of prosecuting suspected enemy combatants & detainees for their part in criminal acts.

Captain Spurlock

Ms. Spurlock earned the rank of Captain and served as an Asst. Staff Judge Advocate General (JAG) while with the USAF. While on active duty she also prosecuted criminal acts by others serving in the military during court-martial proceedings giving her valuable experience for federal criminal cases.

Special Asst. United States Attorney

She also took on the position of Special Asst. United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida where she prosecuted non-servicemen civilians for criminal acts perpetrated on military bases and other federal installations.

Attorney Spurlock also held the position of Chief of Operations Law, a capacity which charged her with educating members of the military in the Law of Armed Conflict in addition to local laws where they may be deployed. Attorney Amber Spurlock came back home to the Galveston area to practice law after being honorably discharged from military service.


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Accusations of a criminal offense can have life changing consequences if subsequently convicted in the court of law. If you’ve been the subject of a criminal charge that will be heard in a Galveston County courtroom I’m on your side.

As a criminal defense attorney I’ve dealt with defending people accused of a variety of offenses. With my experience as a federal attorney I’m also admitted into federal court and prepared to fight on your behalf if you’ve been indicted by a federal grand jury.