Accused of Drunk Driving (DWI) in Galveston, TX?

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Attorney-Amber-Spurlock 2Attorney Amber Spurlock, a Galveston, TX native, challenges allegations of Drunk Driving (DWI) made by law enforcement officers against motorists. A drug driving offense carries serious implications and may lead to a number of other consequences aside from jail. Some of those consequences include lengthy Texas Drivers License suspension terms and other probationary requirements.

We never advocate pleading guilty to a DWI in Galveston, TX or accepting deals from prosecutors until first consulting with an experienced DWI lawyer. There are a number of various defenses to accusations of Drunk Driving and in a number of cases the evidence, if any, can be refuted.

Whether you were accused of a misdemeanor drunk driving offense, a serious felony DWI offense, or you’re searching for an experience lawyer to help a loved one, I’m ready to help.


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Highly Adept DWI Defense

Attorney Amber Spurlock is a dedicated and involved DWI Defense lawyer that takes her profession and her clients seriously.

Atty. Spurlock Teaching & Lecturing on the Importance or prudent gas chromatography examination and equipment inspection.
Atty. Spurlock Teaching & Lecturing on the Importance or prudent gas chromatography examination and equipment inspection.

With a continuing focus on training, litigation strategy, and advanced chemical analysis study, few attorneys in Galveston can offer a more complete and solid legal representation for Drunk Driving cases.

Among Amber’s Accomplishment & Accolades are the following;

  • ACS/CHAL Lawyer-Scientist
  • Recognition by SuperLawyers®
  • Gas Chromatography Course Instructor
  • Specialized Training for DWI & Chemistry
  • Former Federal Special Assistant Prosecutor
  • Former Air Force JAG Officer

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Galveston DWI Attorney Amber Spurlock

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Military Service

Atty. Amber Spurlock has proudly served her country in more ways than one. First, as a member of the United States Armed Forces as a Captain in the Air Force. Secondly, as a Federal Prosecutor.



Not only is Amber an ongoing student of best practices for defending people charged with DWI, she’s also an instructor of the gas chromatography examination that’s recommended for most DWI lawyers.



Atty. Spurlock remains focused on continuing her education for the purpose of sharpening her skills for to best serve the accused. Her focus on education related to forensic DWI defense pays off in court.


Criminal Defense

Looking for a DWI lawyer in Galveston? Contact Atty. Spurlock. Whether you were charged with a misdemeanor, felony, or a federal offense, we’re ready to sit down with you and review your case.


Understanding DWI Cases in Texas

If you were charged with a DWI related offense by Galveston area law enforcement officers that may be just the beginning of your situation.

Listed below are few variables that accompany criminal charges & convictions for drunk driving in the state of Texas.

  • Texas Drivers License Suspension
  • Administrative License Revocation
  • Criminal Penalties for Drunk Driving
  • County Jail and/or Prison Time
  • Loss of Driving Priviliges
  • Documented Criminal Background
  • Loss of Income Earning Potential
  • And More.

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Galveston DWI lawyer Amber R. Spurlock is ready to talk with you about your options if you or a loved are facing prosecution of Driving While Intoxicated anywhere in or near Galveston, TX.

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